Observations while walking round Patan

(1) A river view is not always a selling point.


(2) Policemen sometimes hold hands here.

(2) Riding with no hands is decidedly less gangster on a tricycle.

(3) Allowing the fridge to operate for 24hrs a day is deemed unimportant compared to having a socket to charge things.

(4) Wearing a face mask after consuming a spicy veg roll is not pleasant.

(5) Kathmandu (within the ring road) is not too big, and most places are walkable if you are not in a rush.

(6) I am an XXL in knock-off Chinese sizes.

(7) It is really cool to be able to look up from the dusty and hectic surroundings and see some Himalayas.



2 thoughts on “Observations while walking round Patan

  1. Observations about reading my brothers posts:
    1: I miss you
    2: I think you should start holding hands with policemen just so you look fancy!
    3: When you come home you will be deemed at thin once again after being an XXL! (HA) 😀
    4: Please post more entertaining blogs to keep my life from being sucked in by useless coursework!
    5: LOVE YOU!!!!
    Send my love to Kelbow too!

  2. As above, Roy is doing business coursework, and I am doing a literature review, can’t find much on genetic breeding co-efficients that I can actually understand. xxxx

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