Well I must have done something yesterday…

As you may have guessed from the end of the previous post, New Year’s Day got off to a slow start. My plan was to go to Baluwatur, the area where the Prime Minister lives, and explore a bit. I ended up setting off a little later than anticipated, heading first to a potential place we might stay post-Bangladesh (summary: nice enough, wrong part of town, smelly river outside) and then stopping for roadside Momos while I considered what to do. Part of the purpose of my visit was to check out Occupy Baluwatur, who had apparently been blockading the Prime Minister’s house in protest at the unchecked levels of violence against women in Nepal. All I saw was a small poster and a banner, definitely no blockade.

I then followed the wall of the PM’s compound round towards Lazimpat, but didn’t find much along the way. It was interesting to walk along the little back street, occasionally stopping at a tiny shop to check i was heading in the right direction (I bought mango bites, like sherbet lemons but mango flavoured and with no sherbet). I eventually happened upon Lazimpat road and probably headed back to the hotel to persuade Kelly to take a dinner break. I hung out outside for a while, watching sunset – or at least the sky going a pleasing pink colour.

We ended up going to what Tripadvisor claimed was the second best restaurant in Kathmandu, Fire and Ice pizzeria. It was above average, but then I don’t know yet how many places in Nepal have access to anchovies and blue cheese, so maybe with further experience it may go up in my estimation.

Today the apartment hunt continues apace – I saw somewhere this afternoon which was nice, but also quite far from Thapithali (Kelly’s office) and I have about five viewings lined up for tomorrow, all down in Lalitpur/Patan. For now, to be honest, I am quite happy in the Shanker – I sat outside this morning in the blazing sunshine, with the intention of getting on with my PhD corrections, only to have my laptop shut down a few times. A quick search revealed that the likely cause is overheating, so this afternoon some emergency surgery is necessary to reconnect the fan which I may have dislodged during my last operation. If this fails I either need to get it repaired (although Apple stores are rather thin on the ground in Nepal) or only operate it in a very well air conditioned room/ice bath. Oh, and speaking of overheating, I noticed this morning that, while I was on a lounger in shorts and a t-shirt (and a little warm in that, to be honest) everyone else I could see was in at least jeans and a coat – one lady was wearing a scarf and gloves. It isn’t just me being weird here – it was at least 19° in the shade. Baffling.

UPDATE: I was right. I had disconnected the fan by accident. Now fixed and I can finish my PhD. Phew.


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