Arrival, things not going exactly to plan.

This flight was a lot more sedate than my last trip to Kathmandu, which involved drinking as much whisky as they would permit, stopping when I asked for another and found myself unable to speak, falling asleep and almost immediately being awoken and served a breakfast curry.

No whisky this time, we were seated in the central block of seats, the chairs didn’t recline and my screen didn’t work, which meant that my main task was to stay upright so that Kelly had something to lean on while she slept. It was a long 8 hours. On the upside, I got to eat two helpings of dinner.

At Delhi I (yet again) had to unpack my hand luggage as I had put a small bottle of wine from the plane in there, reasoning that it would be the last I would have for quite some time. Despite the fact that the water and toiletries in my bag raised no eyebrows, the wine caused a full search and a delay for everyone else behind us. Oops.

The next flight had two pleasant elements – a delicious breakfast curry, and my first glimpse of the Himalayas…


Closely followed by the sight of this welcome vehicle.


At this point I informed Kelly that we were staying in the Shanker Hotel, a converted palace where she attended a conference last year. We were picked up and escorted through the dusty, noisy, busy streets of Kathmandu, and checked in to a small, damp, wet dog smelling room at the back of the hotel. Displeased, Kelly went down, dropped some names and we will be moving into another (hopefully better) one the following morning.

All this business sorted, we walked into Thamel in search of dinner, and thoroughly over ordered at OR2K – Italian salad, pad Thai, houmous and babaganoush. A thoroughly Nepalese dinner, all for about £9 (with drinks). After all this, we walked home and were tucked up in bed by about 9pm, ready for some exploring (for me) and working (for Kel) tomorrow.

Also it appears to be Christmas in Thamel, with lovely trees like this one stuck up about the place.



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