Preparations appear to be complete

I think it is all done. This morning I had about 90kg of stuff in 6 bags, this has now hopefully been reduced to 70kg and two stupidly heavy hand luggage bags. I am not sure how Kelly and I have managed to pack so much stuff, but on repeated inspections it all seems pretty essential.


Today has been rather a bother, what with repacking, taking everything to Earlsfield, going back home, checkout and inventory, taking stuff to Ed, Joe and Tom’s, going to Vauxhall, back to theirs (forgot something), back to Earlsfield where I am now writing this. I think everything is in the right place and everything we need is here with me. I am certain that I shall be proven incorrect on this.

It all seems rather real all of a sudden. I know that Kelly has been pretty upset because everything has not gone to plan and consequently we will not be able to spend any time together when we get there (a minor concern really, a week or so out of 5 months isn’t worth worrying about), however I think I am only now grasping the enormity of this move. I suppose the main (and only) urgent thing I have to do is finish off my PhD corrections in the next two months, hopefully sooner than that if possible. There may still be a lot to do, to be honest I haven’t looked at them in a week or two and so it is all a bit hazy.

It is the greyest, slatiest London day I can imagine. A good day for a trip to the other side of the world.


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